Who We Help

At Kolb & Company we  work with  professionals, educators, entrepreneurs, and individuals and families to help them make sense of their financial lives and get them on the path to financial security.


Our ideal client has the following qualities:

  • Are comfortable delegating responsibility to a trusted professional.
  • Are passionate about achieving their goals and understand their assets need to grow to achieve those goals.
  • Appreciates our advice, is willing to act on it, and gains peace of mind knowing someone is keeping watch.
  • Are comfortable introducing us to people who share similar goals and ideals and would benefit from the services we provide.

Our clients typically come to us for the following:

  • Want to know if they have or are saving enough for retirement.
  • Would like assistance with Social Security and Medicare planning.
  • Want to start saving for their children’s education.
  • Have had a life changing event occur .
  • Want professional management of their investments and risk.


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